• Homo Monkey Cyborg

Homo Monkey Cyborg

Homo Monkey Cyborg

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  • Author
    Jorg Horst Otto Thimoreit
  • Publisher
    Jorg Horst Otto Thimoreit
  • Publication date
    24 December 2020


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  • Book Title

    Homo Monkey Cyborg

  • Author

    Jorg Horst Otto Thimoreit

  • Date Published

    24 December 2020

  • Publisher

    Jorg Horst Otto Thimoreit

  • Pages

    666 pages

  • ISBN

Book Description

My books are about one thing and that is the mind.

1. Where did our mind come from in a natural point of facts.

2. What did our mind do during its historical, cultural existence for the past 100.000 years.

3. Who owns and who controls our mind. We don’t actually control our mind and makes Free Will an ambition and not a fact. The Centers of Power control our mind for the last 5.000 years, we have made simulations about believing in a god and call it religion. We have made simulations about society in believing in governments, laws and politician and call it statism.

4. In my books I explore solutions to live as a free individual and that is only possible if we all live in a free world, without the political, financial and religious oppressors I call the Centers of Power. How can this work out for me, if I am in love with mental slavery, how do I unslave?

Am I a monkey with an Ego or am I a cosmic, archaic mind?

Being involved in natural philosophy to answer questions on where I come from, who I am, where I am going and to stand up for it, challenge authority, lead me into prison for over 10 years. How I became the enemy of the German state, a danger to its citizens and to my five children, will be covered in my two books.

People that are dangerous to the system are tending to be removed. I look at the Centers of Power, its origin and the way it divides the people in order to enslave them and it makes me think is it monkeys running society?

So how do we unite and make love win - to change the system and push for peace?

We are now living in historical times and, like it or not, the choices that we will make over the next few years will have profound implications to the future of the entire human race.

Corona-Plandemic: Whether or not to wear the mask. Whether or not to take the vaccine. Whether or not to get the health app. Whether or not to fill out the digital visitor card. Whether or not to take the digital money chip. In any case the attempt by the Centers of Power to reset global society leads eventually to a global awakening of the truth.

My journey is to go back to the foundations to get things right. To discover truth, the cosmos has to be first debugged and to make a model of the cosmos. Typically large groups of intellect don’t get it right, because they are consensus orientated, like in politics. It is not truth orientated, in the past we have only found this by the outsiders; there we find intellectual progress. The other reason why it is so hard to find objective truth is that our brain is operating just like a computer on bio-chemical algorithms by electricity and hormones running the hardware to simulate software. When we experience pleasure or pain, when we see, hear, smell the outside world it is always an interpretation, a simulation, but never the actual objective truth or the reality of the outside world.

The cosmos can be computed by us in a simulation (Matrix) and so can our society be computed, but so far no human has understood the underlying structures of that Matrix.

A society like ours to discuss truth can be a very dangerous place, if you question authority. I found it hard to fit in the academic system as a scientific philosopher, so I started the path of knowledge without the academic prison and in order to finance this I started my own companies in the USA, Germany and the Netherlands; where I eventually ended up in a German prison. That happened primarily because I used psychedelic (magic) mushrooms to detach me from the general agendas of a slave in society.

I present the theory that we are not living in a mechanical cosmos and a material world, but a computational cosmos – a simulation made by our mind, just as it makes a dream work, or a believer of a god that lives in the clouds called heaven. We are a dream state in the body of a monkey, becoming awake that we are neither monkey, nor a sentient being.

To wake up from those dream simulations is probably the hardest accomplishment and usually happens late in our life. I doubt that reading a book, following a guru, god or scientist will help in this endeavor. In my case the search for objective truth, reality and the knowledge of relevant information, in combination with the magic mushrooms did the switch of perspective … probably also a bit of luck, called non-linear dynamics and chaos.

What I really was surprised by from the awakening aspect was altruistic, unconditional love. This concept is not naturally accepted by our Ego-self driven software – however it turns out that this energy is a force that can only be activated once we achieve a Free Will of Thought. That is what makes some of us unlike any other living organism on this planet; to forgive your enemy, to love your enemy are concepts of meme that contradict the animal mind of most humans. Well once we understand that we are like a computer thinking with bio-chemical algorithms it is not a surprise that we start life with an Unfree Will of Thought …a simulation of the brain looking for food, sex and all the other things that feed our Ego-Self telling us how great and wonderful we, our simulation of the Me actually is.

I have never experienced that a person is really evil or that he and she wants something evil. What people do can be horrible, and the mess they make can have an incredibly destructive potential. But if you look closely at what's going on, it may not stop, but if you condemn it, it will stop even less. When one works through it, accepts it, perceives it - then a light of love shines out.

There are no bad and evil people at all, there are only people who are on the way, whom one must invite and pick up...

 Evolution on how cosmic space-time creates meme and life, how it drives to ever more

complexity we might call consciousness.

 Evolution from a living organism called ape with a brain that does interpretation

(simulations) of colors and sounds from the outside world, communication between us;

but unlike any other brain on this planet, it can simulate also altruistic love, mathematics,

arts, morals and ethics.

 Evolution from a hunter & gatherer tribe to a complex,

modern civilization; still being an animal with universal

power ambitions of the Ego-Self.

 To understand consciousness and enlightenment and our part we take in the cosmic,

archaic mind we call nature.

 Using computer science artificial intelligence (AGI) to understand how our consciousness

works in living organisms and especially in the human brain. To perceive the simulations

that make up our worlds we make up in politics, religion and business.

 The internet becomes mightier than the sword of the oppressors. Now we have access to

meme, to information directly, without the editing or censoring of an official cultural gate

keeper. What it does to freedom and change during 2020 is the main topic of the book, to

predict what 2030 will look like when governments start a direct war against their citizens.

 The deep state within governments, as the global Center of Power and their agenda of a

Great Reset.

 The rise of slavery, capitalism and democracy.

 Central banks, IMF and World create FIAT Money (out of thin air) and therefore have control over third world countries, with

their imposed conditions of these loans.

 Representative Democracy is a plutocracy of the very few

ruling over their (sovereign citizens). We need a direct democracy right now.

 Outline cases where the media-propaganda has served political agendas, like false flag attacks on Libya, Iran, Syria, Iraq,

9/11 and Corona.

 Who runs global politics and societies since the 18th century? The Wall Street financed wars; Rockefeller, Rhodes & Co financed Adolf Hitler to prevent a United Europe with Russia. We have a 147 corporations that control the economy and the media, but do we have another power-center-cult?

 The New World Order (Great Reset) is coming and we can be sure that the global elite will be successful in that.

 The most powerful spell on humanity is electoral democracy. The answer to that problem is not a new political party, but

rather local community building, spread true information on the internet and the Resistance.

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