• Stop Overthinking And Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Stop Overthinking And Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Stop Overthinking And Vagus Nerve Stimulation

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  • Author
    Charles P Carlton
  • Publisher
    Charles P Carlton
  • Publication date
    13 January 2021


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Book Detail

  • Book Title

    Stop Overthinking And Vagus Nerve Stimulation

  • Author

    Charles P Carlton

  • Date Published

    13 January 2021

  • Publisher

    Charles P Carlton

  • Pages

    323 pages

  • ISBN

Book Description

Are you in search of a proven system to overcome your negative thinking habits? Have you ever been stopped from achieving important day-to-day tasks by your negative emotions? Or do you simply feel overcome by anxiety, worrying, and depression that you struggle to have peace of mind? If so, then read on...

The truth is, from time to time, everyone experiences feelings of anxiety, worries, and negative thoughts. After all, life is about balance. However, dwelling on these negative emotions disrupts the balance in our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and often resulting in depression.

Unfortunately, these negative emotions tend to affect every part of your life, such as your eating habit, sleeping habit, your performance on the job, your relationship with your family and friends, and most importantly, your health. The key to dealing with negative emotions begins when you take intentional steps and measures to understand how your emotions and mind work, and how these two can have a powerful impact in every aspect of your life. Armed with this understanding and the tools and techniques laid out in this book, you can then start to reshape how you think, how you react to your emotions, and how you live to experience a more blissful and healthy life. To help you manage this process effectively, this book has been carefully written with relevant case studies, practical exercises, and proven techniques as your companion guide on your journey toward recovery and a more peace of mind.

This book is made up of two parts:

1. How to Stop Overthinking: 8 Proven, Practical Techniques to End Anxiety, Stop Negative Thinking, Overcome Worrying, and Live a Healthier, Happier Life.

2. The Secrets of Vagus Nerve Stimulation: 18 Proven, Science-Backed Exercises and Methods to Activate Your Vagal Tone to overcome Inflammation, Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Epilepsy, and Depression.

In Part I of this book, How to Stop Overthinking, you will;

1. Discover the various factors in your life that cause you to overthink

2. Gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts and behaviors

3. Know how to get unstuck from your past, live in the present, and be unafraid of your future

4. Unravel simple and effective strategies to help you manage your day-day tasks

5. Know how to apply mindfulness and meditation to gain more peace of mind

6. Be able to keep yourself from falling back into the habit of overthinking

In Part II of this book, The Secrets of Vagus Nerve Stimulation, you will;

1. Have a more in-depth insight into what the vagus nerve is.

2. Come to understand the several important functions performed by the vagus nerve in your body.

3. Be enlightened on the several health conditions linked to a damaged vagus nerve.

4. Uncover certain substances and lifestyle habits that can damage your vagus nerve.

5. Discover science-backed natural exercises, practices, and methods you can start right now to stimulate your vagus nerve to overcome health conditions such as depression, anxiety, chronic stress, PTSD, etc.

6. Be educated on why your gut health is vital to your vagus nerve and what you can do to live a gut-healthy lifestyle.

Listen to that part of you that led you to this book instead of the apprehensions of “what-ifs” and “should I’s” thoughts.

To start your journey toward recovery, get a copy of this book RIGHT NOW

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